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Welcome toDalzell Lance Campus


Dear Parents, Families and Students,
Welcome! Each year, I am humbled and honored to serve as your principal, and I am thankful for your trust in our school and its mission. Our mission is to prepare our students to be college and career ready and to be agents of change in this world. Our staff and our faculty are all dedicated to educating and supporting our children to ensure their success.

I am very proud to share that nearly 80% of our 11th graders met or exceeded the new Common Core state standards in English Language Arts. I am also proud to share that out of the 127 students who took an Advanced Placement (AP) exam last year, nearly half of our students achieved a passing score. This means that these students are able to receive college credit before they even begin college. More importantly, this shows that with the right resources and shared commitment from students, teachers, staff members, and families, our students can and will succeed.

Our staff and our faculty are deeply committed to maintaining and fostering a safe, positive, and rigorous learning environment so that all of our students may continue to thrive.

As you can see, our new staff members come from far and wide and bring new and diverse backgrounds and experiences which will help our community grow even stronger.

Looking inward, I want to share and emphasize our new Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs). SLOs are goals that we want our students to attain during their time at our school. Students will be regularly engaged in practicing and reflecting on the following values through guided teaching and schoolwide activities.

Camino Nuevo High School Dalzell Lance Campus SLOs:
Camino Nuevo scholars will be self-reflective, critical thinkers, and agents of social change.
· Self-Reflective: Know yourself, Know your story, Know your impact
· Critical Thinkers: Inquire, Connect, and Create
· Agents of Social Change: Empathize, Serve, and Advocate for change

There is a lot to be excited about this year, and I am so glad that you are all here on this journey together with us. I look forward to another year of new learning, self-reflection, building relationships, and refining our tradition of excellence.


Julie K. Jhun, Ed.D.

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