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In Lak ' Ech
Tu eres mi otro you
You are my other me
Si te hago dano a ti
If I do harm to you
Me hago dano a mi mismo
I do harm to myself
Si te amo y respecto
If I love and respect you
Me amo y respecto you
I love and respect myself


213.736.5566 ext. 5204

Teacher Cellphone – 213.347.9850

Tutoring/Office Hours:

Thursday 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Welcome to Camino Nuevo! Welcome to 9th Grade! College Ready, College Bound, Agents of Social Change.




We will read—a lot.  We will read a variety of texts, including novels, short stories, and poetry. We will read classics in order to gain from the wisdom of the past, and we will read contemporary authors to understand our world today. This year’s Readings: House on Mango Street, Of Mice and Men, Romeo and Juliet, and 25 Non-fiction Articles

We will write—a lot. We will write about other people's ideas as well as our own. We will write to express and argue. Our writing will demand attention and respect.

We will use our voice—a lot.  We will create speeches, recite poems, and perform our own spoken word. Our voice is our greatest gift! We will learn to use our voice to empower ourselves and inspire others.




CLASS THEME: "Tu eres mi otro yo, You are my other me”. We will show through our “voices” and “choices” that we are empowered college-bound social change agents.


1.     Goal #1: Every student will achieve 80% or higher on ALL Assessments: Essays, Projects and Tests.

2.     Goal #2: We will have 100% completion rate of all Homework, Essays and Projects.

Expectations:  In addition to the Camino Nuevo High School behavior expectations you must also:


1.     Respect the Learning Environment

2.     Be Responsible for your own learning

3.     No Cellphones, Food, or Gum in Class


Not meeting these or the school wide expectations will result in lost score points, lunch detentions, and may lead to an administrative referral and/or parent conference.




Homework Policy: Do your homework. Homework is not just filler for your backpack; I expect it to be done every day it is assigned. If you choose not to do it you will be lost for the next day. The following expectations regarding homework are essential to success:


1.     Write down your homework in your agenda.

2.     You may ALSO not INSTEAD record it into your phone.

3.     One Missed Homework Assignment = 1 Mandatory Lunch Tutoring session & Minus 5 (or more ) Scorepoints


 Tutoring and Office Hours:  I want every single student to succeed in this class, but I also understand that sometimes we need a little extra help; therefore I will have tutoring once a week, THURSDAY after school from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to come to tutoring when they feel they need it, but if you are especially having trouble mastering the material you may be required to come to mandatory tutoring, this may be the case if:

-        Your grade slips below a 50% C average

-        I foresee your grade will slip below the 50% C average if you don’t come to tutoring.

-        You miss multiple homework assignments and need the space to catch up.


A missed mandatory tutoring session will result in a phone call home and loss of score points



Copying assignments (including homework), or allowing others to copy your work, including for other classes, is considered CHEATING. Students involved will receive NO credit, a grade of zero, no re-do, and will be reported to the administration and parents.


(NOTE: ALL MATERIALS ARE EXCLUSIVE for my class, CANNOT be used for other classes)

-        1 Spiral Notebook 70 or 100 pages (college-ruled)

-        2 Pencils

-        3 Pens (Black, Blue, Red)

-        2 Highlighters (Blue and Yellow)

-        1 Pocket Folder (For turning in Homework)

-        Post it Notes (90 sheets)

-        Glue (Liquid glue NOT Gluestick)

-        1 ½ Inch Three Ring Binder

-        10 Sheet Protectors