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Dear Camino Family and Partners,

Welcome to the Dalzell Lance Campus!

CNCA was founded with a vision of providing access to a quality education  in one of the densest neighborhoods in the country and serving as a beacon of hope and a source of empowerment and inspiration by nurturing role models and leaders in our community. 

The school's vision rests upon the fundamental idea that with the proper resources any student can achieve educational success.  Dalzell Lance Campus is a community of scholars, where all members seek to find our "selves" and respect who we are.  We are a community whose members build and support others, striving together to achieve excellence. 

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to delivering student-centered, rigorous, and innovative academic instruction.  All of this takes place in an environment where students are not only engaged academically, but also where they develop character, positive relationships, and sensitivity as agents for social change.

I invite you to visit our school and join us in creating the next generation of leaders in our community. 

Julie K. Jhun, Ed.D.