Welcome scholars to your College Center site. We look forward to continue adding resources and opportunities for you to supplement your college knowledge and preparation process.


Dr. Landeros, Lead College Counselor

Mrs. Nicho, College Counselor

Ms. Lopez, College Counseling Assistant



About our College Counseling Program

Our school offers students a college-preparatory curriculum and supplements its work through various initiatives as outlined below.

  • A-G Course Requirements for All Students
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Program
  • College and Financial Aid Application Support
  • College Knowledge Parent Workshops and Meetings
  • One-on-one college counseling
  • PSAT Testing for Grades 9th through 11th
  • College Entrance Exams for All Students
  • School-wide Fall College Fair
  • School-wide College Field Trips
  • Junior Overnight Field Trips
    • Central California Coast College Field Trip
    • Northern California College Field Trip
    • East Coast College Field Trip
  • College Seminar Courses (College advisory classes)
  • Annual College & Career Fest
  • College Representative Visits
  • Partnerships with Community Programs for Test Preparation and Tutoring
  • Scholarship Opportunities for Graduating Student
  • Ready. Set. College. Senior Transition Day
  • Alumni Program Support